Neosify Docs


Neosify Rewards

Earning rewards is an effortless and lucrative value accrual strategy designed only for the Chosen ones.
To earn rewards, Neosify must complete special missions and receive NEOS points in return. A NEOS point, the reserve currency of the Neosify platform, is pegged with the US dollar 1:1 and can be exchanged for any other crypto.
To unleash their true power, Neos must complete the following missions:
  • “Welcome to Zion” - Create a profile on Neosify
  • “Defunding the Simulation” – Add money to your Neosify balance
  • “Crystal Hands” – Don’t withdraw funds for 10 days
  • “Golden Hands” – Don’t withdraw funds for 30 days
  • “Diamond Hands” – Don’t withdraw funds for 90 days
  • “No Bots Here” – Complete your Profile
  • “Reality Check” – Subscribe to the Neosify Push notifications
  • “Support the Cause” – Visit the Neosify website daily
  • “New Blood” – Your first active Follower on Neosify
  • “Follow the White Rabbit” – Follow us on social media
  • “Enlighten the Society”- Share our social media posts
  • “Speak Up Your Mind” – Write a Neosify Blog comment (minimum of 50 characters)
  • “The Voice of Reason” – leave Neosify feedback on Trustpilot
  • “More Real than Real” – Upload a Neosify video review
  • “Join the Resistance” – Join the Neosify Discord server

Reward types

Neosify rewards fall into two categories: stackable rewards and one-time rewards.
Stackable rewards are rewards that can be earned multiple times. Each time you stack/earn a stackable reward, you upgrade the reward tier.
One-time rewards are much simpler – you earn them only once and their tier is not upgradable.

Levelling Up on Neosify

All Neos, the Chosen ones, can level up their profile and get privileges like better staking rates or improved platform service.
Levelling up is not hard at all – all you’ve got to do is participate in the Neosify life (earn rewards, hold crypto, write comments, etc.) and earn XP points.
To check your progress, take a look at a progress bar displayed on your dashboard.


As a reward for levelling up on Neosify, your Neosify Avatar gets an upgrade. What’s great about these upgrades, is that you can mint all of them as NFTs.