Neosify Docs

Red Pill Pro

Red Pill Program Pro is the upgraded Red Pill plan that aims at expand the network of followers to a greater level. Starting with 3 active followers*, users can switch to the Red Pill Pro plan with benefits stated below:
*A follower is considered active if they have $100 in their balance for the wallet balance program, or an active deposit for the joint staking program.

Multilevel follower system

Red Pill Pro offers 3 follower levels for both balance and joint staking rewards, which means that users can earn Red Pill incentives not only from their first-level followers, but also from followers invited by them.
Wallet Balance Follower levels:
Level 1 – earn 50% of your first-level follower’s daily balance payouts;
Level 2 – earn 30% of your second-level follower’s daily balance payouts;
Level 3 – earn 20% of your third-level follower’s daily balance payouts.
Joint staking Follower levels:
Level 1 – earn 30% of your first-level follower’s daily staking rewards + 5% of each deposit amount;
Level 2 – earn 3% of your second-level follower’s each deposit amount;
Level 3 – earn 2% of your third-level follower’s each deposit amount.

Extended dashboard features

The extended version of the Dashboard Follower section allows users to easily manage their followers list. Each Red Pill Pro member can sort their followers by the date they were invited, their holding and staking profits, as well as by the number of deposits made.

Data analysis tools

Neosify system displays statistics on the follower network to let users keep track of their Red Pill progress. Users can gather info on referral link interactions, link CTR, number of registrations and deposits made by their followers.

Advertising materials

To make it easier to attract new followers, Red Pill Pro members can download Neosify videos, banners or logos they can place on their web resources.