Neosify Docs

Red Pill Program

Neosify Red Pill Program

If you connect new people to Neosify, you get an incentive for each new follower – you get 50% of your friend's 0.060.1% daily balance interest. You’re paid a Red Pill Program incentive on a daily basis, as long as your friend has topped up the balance on Neosify.
If you want to raise your incentive, you should connect more people.

Joint Staking

Your followers can be a true gem when it comes to earning together.
It works like that: you earn 30% of your follower's staking rewards, which is up to 0.29% daily payouts on their deposits. Joint staking rewards are also accrued on a daily basis.
Motivate your followers to stake their crypto and discover the true potential of cryptocurrency away from the Simulation.