Neosify Docs

Support the Cause

“Support the Cause” – Visit the Neosify website daily – 3-15 NEOS
Mission guide:
This is a 3-Tier reward.
Tier 1: 3 days in a row – 3 NEOS
Tier 2: 10 days in a row – 9 NEOS
Tier 3: 30 days in a row – 15 NEOS
The days are not stackable.
Let’s say you’ve been visiting the website for 3 days in a row and unlocked Tier 1 (3 days). To advance to Tier 2 (10 days), you will have to wait 10 days all over again – not just 7 days after your 3 days. The same logic applies to Tier 3.
To achieve a Tier, you must log in to the website 3/10/30 days in a row. Should you forget to log in to the website in a period of 3/10/30 days, the Tier progress will be reset.
Note: You cannot reach the same Tier more than once. You can progress from Tier 1 to Tier 3 only one time.