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Speak Up Your Mind

“Speak Up Your Mind” – Write a Neosify Blog comment – 1-3 NEOS
Mission guide:
This is a 3-Tier reward. Your blog comment must be at least 100 characters.
Tier 1: 1 comment – 1 NEOS
Tier 2: 2 comments – 2 NEOS
Tier 3: 3 comments – 3 NEOS
The number of comments is stackable.
You advance in Tier when you reach the required number comments.
Note: You cannot reach the same Tier more than once. You can progress from Tier 1 to Tier 3 only one time.
1. Log in to the Neosify website and go to Blog.
2. Find any blog post you like and comment on it.
3. Once the comment is moderated, the reward is yours!