Neosify Docs

New Blood

“New Blood” – Bring active Followers to Neosify – 3-150 NEOS
Mission guide:
This is a 5-Tier reward. A follower is considered active if their balance is at least $100.
Tier 1: 1 active follower – 3 NEOS
Tier 2: 3 active followers – 9 NEOS
Tier 3: 10 active followers – 30 NEOS
Tier 4: 25 active followers – 75 NEOS
Tier 5: 50 active followers – 150 NEOS
The number of followers is stackable.
You advance in Tier when you reach the required number of active followers.
Note: You cannot reach the same Tier more than once. You can progress from Tier 1 to Tier 5 only one time.
1. Log in to the Neosify website and go to your dashboard Followers section.
2. There you will find a link that you can copy and send to your friend.
3. Your friend must follow the link to register on Neosify.
4. Once your friend has at least $100 in the Neosify wallet, they are considered active. The reward is yours!