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More Real than Real

“More Real than Real” – Upload a Neosify review video – 10-200 NEOS
Mission guide:
You can be rewarded handsomely for this mission. Do your best and get 200 NEOS points!
Mission guide:
1. Make sure that you have a YouTube channel first. The greater is your subscriber count, the more NEOS points you get.
2. Make a Neos review video. Here are the requirements you should meet if you want to get the maximum reward:
  • The video quality must be at least 720p. The better is the quality, the more NEOS tokens you get.
  • Your face must be on the video.
  • You must speak loud and clear; the video sound must be good quality as well.
  • The video length must be at least 30 seconds. The longer is your video, the bigger is your future reward.
  • Think about what you’re going to say on the video. Tell the world what you like about Neosify and what your Neosify experience has been so far. Get as imaginative and creative as you can, and you will be fairly rewarded.
3. Once your review video is made, upload it to your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to make your video public.
4. Paste the link to your video in the field below. We will start the verification process right away.
5. Once your video is approved, you will get the appropriate reward.
In case you video doesn’t get approved, you can try and make another review video. Make sure you’ve met all the requirements stated in the mission guide.