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Enlighten the Society

“Enlighten the Society”- Share our social media posts – 10 NEOS each week.
Mission guide:
This is a 3-Tier reward. You can advance in Tier only once a week.
Tier 1: 2 posts shared – 2 NEOS
Tier 2: 4 posts shared – 2 NEOS
Tier 3: 6 posts shared – 2 NEOS
The number of shared posts is stackable.
You advance in Tier every 7 days when you reach the required number shared posts.
Note: You cannot reach the same Tier more than once. You can progress from Tier 1 to Tier 3 only one time.
1. You need to follow our social media to share our posts. Check “Follow the White Rabbit” guide to proceed.
2. Once you’ve followed Neosify on Facebook and Twitter, share one post on each platform.
3. Past links to both shared posts on Twitter and Facebook in the field below.
4. Once the links are verified, the reward is yours!