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Matrix Technology

Matrix technology is no less than the heart of Neosify. The technology was designed to not only bring balance to the platform, but also provide liquidity to the platform via triangular crypto arbitrage.
These attractive APY rates you see on Neosify are ensured by the cutting-edge algorithm based on the Oracle data management. Analyzing the relevant platform usage, the algorithm distribution principle allocates staking rates in the most efficient way for both the platform and users.

How does Neosify provide liquidity?

What’s great about Neosify is that we use the safest strategies to provide liquidity to the platform, no matter whether the market is still or volatile.
To please you with the advantageous interest rates, we use algorithmic crypto arbitrage trading. The arbitral strategy allows traders to take advantage of price differences between different exchanges and generate profit.
Neosify uses algorithmic crypto arbitrage, which is a little bit more complex. The process includes several trades instead of one, all of which are usually carried out on different exchanges. This method takes different crypto pairs, trading through each of them until you are back to the original asset.
How does Neosify do it? Our Matrix technology uses an algorithm to scan hundreds of coin pairs simultaneously across 30 different decentralized crypto exchanges looking for price inefficiencies. Next, it sets the sell order and generates a profit by buying the pair on the exchange with the lowest price and then selling wherever with the highest price.
As a user, you don’t have to worry about the technical subtleties. Matrix technology takes over by performing algorithmic crypto arbitrage and generating Neosify profits – this is where you get your APY starting at 36.5%.
The Architect, the Neosify creator, designed Matrix technology as the ultimate tool operating all over the crypto market. With finding price inefficiencies across crypto exchanges, Matrix technology helps crypto maintain its worth rather than lose its value. Neosify makes crypto as efficient as it can be, without wasting any of its potential.

What Matrix Technology Trades

To increase interoperability between the exchanges, Neosify trades wrapped Bitcoin and wrapped Ethereum – the tokenized versions of the original currencies used to make it easier to handle transactions occurring on the decentralized finance ecosystem. There are endless opportunities offered by WBTC and wETH in the DeFi space. For instance, the coins facilitate liquidity generation, as well as an option to earn crypto interest for different crypto platforms.
Another mechanism Matrix technology is responsible for is the stablecoin arbitrage. Even though the price inefficiencies are small as stablecoins are traded very close to their pegs (1:1 to the US dollar), there still can be huge deviations because of either characteristic issue with a particular stablecoin breaking their peg or the crypto exchange where a stablecoin is being traded. Matrix technology is designed to take into account such price slippages.

What makes arbitrage trading so perfect?

  • Profits. Unlike other trading liquidity generating strategies, arbitrage trading suggests fast profits. Thanks to Matrix technology, the price inconsistency for a trading pair is spotted as soon as it appears across exchanges, with the profits made as soon as the transaction as conducted.
  • Volatility. The most important advantage of crypto arbitrage. There are more opportunities during the market volatility as this period suggests the most inconsistent rates and price changes. Under these circumstances, the arbitrage strategy thrives.
Neosify is doing everything it takes to make your crypto safe. The real world begins here.