Neosify Docs


What is Neosify?

Neosify is a crypto wallet that provides a seamless DeFi experience. Neosify ensures CeFi speed and deep liquidity while offering decentralized innovative tools for earning crypto interest.
To make the entry point to DeFi easier for new users, Neosify also offers a GameFi reward-earning system.

Hash key

The chosen ones – Neos – each are granted a Hash key to self-identify as part of the community. This key can be considered as sort of a passport to use the platform features and link with the Neosify ecosystem thus escaping the wicked simulation we live in.

What is the purpose of Neosify?

Our mission is to democratize access to decentralized finance. By bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi, we bring mainstream adoption of the decentralization technology. Neosify is making DeFi available for not just tech enthusiasts, but regular people – to get to a wider circle of adopters, we combine the DeFi innovation, user-friendly financial tools and improved CeFi security system.
We believe that acceptance of distributed digital solutions will shake up both banking and retail worlds, bringing us to the next-generation financial environment.

Who created Neosify?

The Architect, the designer and creator of Neosify, is the name used by a pseudonymous person whose identity has not been revealed. The Architect represents decentralization and anonymity principles of the crypto world, thus being important to the Neosify ecosystem beyond his founder status. We believe that cryptocurrency runs best without the prying eyes of the public.

Who runs Neosify?

Neosify is run by no one, but its community ­­– Neos, the Chosen ones. They contribute to the platform by powering up the Neosify Treasury.
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